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Ultimate Flash Sonic Ultimate Flash Sonic

Ultimate Flash Sonic is a quick way to get your Sonic fix. The game play is similar to the original Sonic games, and takes you on a journey through several acts all without having to dig out your dusty old Sega. Race through the stages and beat the bosses to come out a champion.

Sonic Lost In Mario World Sonic Lost In Mario World

Sonic Lost In Mario World is a flash remake of the original Mario game, but with Sonic! Help Sonic find his way out of Mario World to master the levels and beat the game. You won't want to stop!

Sonica Sonica

Sonica is a simplistic yet challenging platformer. You navigate Sonic through each stage, which gets progressively more challenging as you advance. Avoid enemies, because coming a tiny amount within their range will knock you out and you have to start over!

Sonic Spin Bowl Sonic Spin Bowl

Sonic Spin Bowl allows you to play bowling, but with Sonic! The twist in the game is that Sonic is always spinning, so you have to throw the "ball" at the right time to get a higher score! This makes it complicated and fun to keep trying again and again.

Sonic In Angel Island Sonic In Angel Island

Sonic in Angel Island is a fast paced platforming style game. You must get Sonic through each of the stages in order to win, but the catch is that he moves extremely fast and you must avoid enemies, and falling into pits or spikes!

Sonic Pacman Sonic Pacman

Sonic Pacman is a fun twist on the popular Pacman game. You play as Tails and navigate to collect all of the rings, but all while avoiding Dr. Robotnik's robot minions. Special items include crystals and other goodies to collect in each stage. This is a game you won't want to miss.

Ultimate Sonic Quiz Ultimate Sonic Quiz

Ultimate Sonic Quiz is a straightforward quiz game to ask you challenging questions about your favorite Sonic games. Are you the true #1 fan of Sonic, or just a casual player? Take the quiz to find out how you rank.

Sonic Xs Sonic Xs

Sonic XS is a timed 60 second game. You start with Sonic and must reach the end to save Amy from Dr. Robotnik! Fight robots by flinging gold coins that you collect along the way.

Sonic Maze Craze Sonic Maze Craze

Sonic Maze Craze everyone loves a good maze game, and Sonic Maze Craze is just that. Navigate Sonics' shoes through each Maze, avoiding walls, collecting coins, and staying out of the way of dangerous enemies!

Sonic Blox Sonic Blox

Sonic Blox is a puzzle game comparable to the cult classic Tetris. With Sonic Blox you lay down blocks, just like the Tetris ones, to clear lines and go as far as you can. The background, colors, and music, are all Sonic centric and let you play a different and unique version of everyones favorite game.

Sonic Racing Sonic Racing

Sonic Racing is a unique and challenging racing game. You navigate Sonic as he collects items and gets as far as possible without crashing into obstacles! This game will have you coming back for more as you try to beat your high score.

Sonic Xtreme Sonic Xtreme

Sonic Xtreme is a mixture of original Sonic stylings as well as some enemies you may recognize from different games. Navigate sonic through each level, avoiding enemies and obstacles, get the most coins and come out a winner!

Sonic Heroes Puzzle Sonic Heroes Puzzle

Sonic Heroes Puzzle is an addictive puzzle game. You line up corresponding blocks to knock out the lines and gain combos and points. Knucles matches with an orange crystal, while Emeralds connect with Tails, and Gold Rings with Sonic! See how far you can go.

Final Fantasy Sonic X5 Final Fantasy Sonic X5

Final Fantasy Sonic X5 is a simplified version of a "Final Fantasy" game where you play as Sonic. The objective is to fight enemies RPG style, level up, and complete the final stages where you fight the ultimate boss.

Sonic RPG Episode 7 Sonic RPG Episode 7

Sonic RPG Episode 7 is a flash movie "game". During parts of the movie you fight RPG style battles. This continues until the episode is over.

Shadow The Hedgehog Shadow The Hedgehog

Shadow The Hedgehog involves the powerful Shadow, where you reach the end of each level without getting hit. Reach the high score by collecting coins and killing enemies along your journey.

Sonic Amys Whack A Nik Sonic Amys Whack A Nik

Sonic Amys Whack A Nik is a fun twist on Whack-A-Mole. Help Amy smash the robots from Robotnik's army and get the highest score, but don't hit Sonic or Tails!

Sonic Speedway Sonic Speedway

Sonic Speedway is an old fashioned style racing game where you avoid oncoming traffic to help Sonic beat each stage! How many levels can you master?

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